How to Monitor Your Personal Brand (For Free)

Magnified (8/365)Yes you need to. Everyone does.  Even if you’re just on Twitter, even if you’re not. You need to pay attention to what others are saying to and about you online.  I know many of you do this for your library but it is important to do it for yourself too.

Why? Carie Lewis lists 5 different categories or reasons

  • Brand – mentions of your name, including acronyms, misspellings, etc
  • Current – issues that people are talking about that involve you right now
  • Detractors – people you know don’t like you but talk about you
  • Competition – people in the same space as you
  • Staff – prominent people in your org, like your CEO

There are some paid services out there but with some time and effort you can monitor your personal brand for free.

Step 1. Pick your RSS reader of choice, netvibes, igoogle, google reader, bloglines whatever.

Step 2. Create feeds and add to your reader or page

  • Use Search Twitter to create a search for your name – “bobbi newman”
  • Use Search Twitter to create a search for your “handle” without the @  – librarianbyday
  • Use Search Twitter to create a search for your blog title – “librarian by day”
  • Use Google Alerts to recreate the same 3 searchs
  • Create a Google Alerts for links to your blog

I found that the Google alerts and Twitter searches pretty well cover everything. But if you want to cover all your bases you can also create searches in:

Once your alerts are set up use a tool like Evernote to track your online reputation – when people say something good about you clip it with Evernote, and you have a nice collection of clips for tenure, annual review, bio padding, quotes about your awesomeness,  or just to cheer you up on bad days

Additional readings

Don’t have a personal brand? Or haven’t thought about it? Start here:

9 thoughts on “How to Monitor Your Personal Brand (For Free)

  1. I recommend trying a tool called FeedDemon. It offers rich searches based upon multiple key words and synchs with Google Reader. I have been using it for around 2 years now to stay abreast on various keywords and topics that are important to me in blogs, twitter and elsewhere and it works well. There are free and paid versions. I recently upgraded to the paid version. More info available at


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