Library Day in the Life Round 6 Begins January 24th 2011

I think I have a problemIt’s hard to believe but Round 6 of Library Day in the Life Project will run January 24th through the 30th.

What is the Library Day in the Life Project? It started when I come discovered someone had searched “What’s a librarian’s day like” to find my blog so I wrote a blog post suggesting that we blog what we do all day at work.  Then we (and maybe patrons) could see what we do all day. Some people blogged a day, others like me blogged a week. I did a week because I felt like I have no average day so a week would better represent what I do.

If you are wondering why you should participate Meredith Farkas offers an excellent explanation of why she did. The Project has turned into a great resource for students, instructors, staff and patrons.

You don’t have to write a blog post, you can document your day with words or photos or tweets or a handwritten love note or a cartoon.

How do you participate?

  • Go to the wiki
  • Create a PB Wiki (pbworks?) account (it’s free)!
  • Add your name, your job title (so we can see what you do at a glance) and a link to your blog. Ater you’ve documented your day or week go back to the wiki and add a direct link it
  • On the 24th start recording your day or week.
  • Bloggers, Flickr & YouTube users tag your posts with librarydayinthelife. Twitters use the #libday6
  • Add your Flickr photos or videos to the Group on Flickr and/or join the Facebook Page.


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  2. […] Library Day in the Life Round6 begins tomorrow, Monday 24th January 2011 and runs all week (yes, it’s a day in the life but some people like to do a whole week, or don’t work on Mondays or… well, it’s up to you). I’ve been aware of this for at least a year but haven’t ever managed to actually take part. However, it took a prompt from Anne Welsh (@AnneWelsh) to make me realise what a fantastic opportunity this was for some High Visibility Cataloguing! Cataloguers and catalogers, metadata managers and knowledge information specialists everywhere should join in and describe what their work involves, what they do in a typical day/week. What better way to do exactly what we’ve been banging on about – show people what cataloguing work involves, how it contributes to the mission and performance of the library. It is a chance to show non-library people but, more importantly as a first step I think, it’s a project that is hugely popular and widely followed by other librarians so it’s a way to improve our visibility among our colleagues. So I urge you all to sign up for Library Day in the Life Round 6, full details here. […]


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