Round Up: What It Means to Have an Masters in Library Science, or Information Science or…

Fake diploma…Information Resources and Library Science, like mine.

A round up of the discussions happening around the web right now. Most of these post have a LOT of comments. Even if you don’t agree with them or the comments it is worth the time to read through them.

Andy Woodworth wrote The Master’s Degree Misperception and followed it up with The Master’s Degree Misperception, Ctd.

Emily Lloyd of Shelf Check responded with Response to “The Master’s Degree Misperception and Response to “The Master’s Degree Misperception, Ctd.”

Ned Potter brought a UK perspective to the discussion with The LIS Masters is a qualification of convenience

Kendra added her thoughts with I Got a Degree So I Could Fix the Printer?

Library MAs: insufficient preparation for the real world of information work? adds another UK perspective to the mix.

In The Librarianship Qualification Niamh Page talks about what being a librarian means to her.

Some thoughts on the LIS MA includes likes and dislikes on masters work.

Tina Reynolds talks about what she felt was missing in her education in Library School.

Finally Micah Vandegrift looks at the varying types of degrees a librarian get get in the The MLIS vs. the MLS

9 thoughts on “Round Up: What It Means to Have an Masters in Library Science, or Information Science or…

  1. I’m with Niamh… honored to be included in this list! Hoping these conversations can turn into a larger movement toward action. Should there be an entire restructuring of the scholarship of the information professions? We shall see…


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