Top Ten Links Week 35, eBooks, Digital Divide, and Social Media Fatigue

My personal select top ten links from Twitter 8/27/2010 through 9/2/2010. The best of the best and/or the most important stuff I tweeted last week

1. 7 Stories About Women Heroes in Tech via dontgetcaught I can always use more inspiring stories about women, especially in tech where there seem to be fewer of us.

2. You Have to Be in It to Win It!: A seven-step program to embrace ebooks – A great remind and an easy list from Library School Journal

3. Broadband summit asks how to close rural digital divide some great stats and information about broadband access in the digital divide in rural America.

A new survey out this week shows that a majority of rural Minnesotans have access to faster Internet connections. Yet some other trends are not as hopeful.

One in four Minnesota households, mostly older and poorer residents, have no computer at home, according to the survey prepared by the University of Minnesota Crookston and the Center for Rural Policy and Development in St. Peter.

4 . Why are the elderly joining Facebook? To stay in touch with family/friends and find support for chronic illness ET via EngageInHealth – Facebook not just for “kids” anymore 🙂

While the percentage of social networking users age 18 to 29 rose from 76% to 86% in the year to May, 2010, the number of users age 50 and over almost doubled – rising a whopping 88% from 22% to 42%.

This was even higher for older seniors. Usage among those over the age of 65 grew 100% from 13% in April 2009 to 26% in May 2010.

5. Which ebook sellers will allow publishers and writers to opt out of DRM? – Boing Boing article from Cory Doctorow the struggles to sell his books through the major ebook vendors without DRM

6. If You’ve Got Social Media Fatigue, UR DOIN IT WRONG via @techcrunch – great article

Here’s a clue: If you find yourself saying “(Fill-in-the-blank-social-media-site) used to be soooooo much better before everyone was on it”– you are using the site wrong. You are following too many people, you are using it too much, you are strangling the pretty, little bunny. The beauty of these sites is you control how many friends you see, and how many of them see you. So if you used to love it and now hate it, well, you know what they say about when you point a finger. Three are pointing back at you.

7. Debunking the neuroscience in the recent burst of anti-digital age media stories.  via dmlcentral – Another article in the back and forth over whether technology is making us smarter or rotting our brains.

8. Great set of resources, links for K-12 teachers keen on realizing the possibilities of digital media and learning via dmlcentral

9. great post, too many get caught up on “doing it the right” RT @vonburkhardt: Start Walking, You’ll Find Your Way – Another great post from Any Burkhardt

10. RT @kongtemplation: yet another argument for libs to create digital media labs for kids and adults #transliteracy –  an article on the The Creativity Crisis from Newsweek

For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining. What went wrong—and how we can fix it.

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