Day in the life of a Librarian Day 4

Thursday was a rather unremarkable day for me, so I’ll spare you most of the details 🙂

Checked email, tried to post notes from Day in the Life, but thanks to Dreamhost my site has been down most of the week. Unhappy does not do justice to my mood about this.

Got to work, talked with IT, we’re using the multimedia room for the Handheld Librarian conference later today and I’ve never used it before and wanted to be sure I set everything up correctly. Also gave me a chance to ask the staff member to be a part of Super Friends, I’d be missing her all week. She said yes – excellent now we have one member of IT on board.

Room set up and then back to my office. A staff member brought me peaches! Lots to do today but a lot of time will be taken up with Handheld. Spent most of my day in the Multimedia room for the Conference, we had some trouble getting in as I understand a lot of people did.

Wrote a post on my blog for library staff

Took the boys for a long walk even though it was sprinkling the whole time, we all enjoyed it!

Worked out, ate dinner and read

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