A Day in the Life of a Digital Branch Manager

I took these notes today as part of The Day in the Life project, if you would like to read more please see the wiki, if you’re interested in how it all got started read this post

  • First thing in the morning with coffee in hand I answer emails, and DMs from Twitter that had come in the night before. Being on the East Coast a lot comes in after I’ve stepped away from the computer for the night.
  • Arrive at work – First thing  answer emails, make a few updates the website, chat with Head of Teen Services about updates to her page.
  • Meeting with Director – we’re moving her blog from Blogger to WordPress because of some of the options she want, and walk through adding some RSS feeds to Outlook.
  • Back to website
  • Deal with paycheck problem
  • Work on patron survey about the website that will go up on Monday.
  • Spent most of the rest of the afternoon working in policies one for Social Media in general and one specifically addressing Flickr.  Both of these will be part of the Digital Branch Guidebook when its complete. Part of this will address how the Digital Branch helps the library meet its mission and vision statements, and because we’re in the middle of updating these I spend sometime going back and forth between the old and the new.

thinking2I think what amazes me most as I read through m notes of the last week is how much of my time is spent, reading, writing and well, just thinking.  I didnt’ really think being a Digital Branch Manager was all that different from other jobs I’ve held, but I can see there are less completed items in my day.  Less projects with a clear beginning and a clear end.  As someone gets a sense of accomplishment from starting and finishing clearly defined projects I wonder how this will affect me as I go forward.

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