Are other libraries teaching patrons about blogging?

I’m taking a break from the video game (PS2) I’m playing, to write this, because even though I tell myself the hard parts teach me patient and perseverance, they really make my head want to explore.  🙂 

Introduction to Blogging classLast night I finally taught the rescheduled Introduction to Blogging class I was supposed to teach in May.  I really love these classes and even better, patrons love them too.  They get hands on experience and one on one time with a library staff remember.  I usually spend the first half hour explaining things and giving demonstrations, then for the last half  we do hands-on.  Nikki teachs half of the series so when we’re not teaching we’re assisting the other person, because hands-on time for 15 people really does require 2 instructors.  The last half hour always turns into an hour and sometimes an hour & half.   The powerpoint and handouts only tell part of the story, the rest is demonstration, answering questions and assisting people with account set up.  Being flexible is the most important part, you don’t know the skill level of the people in the class and you can have a wide range, you’ve got to be able to cover enough so everyone feels like they are learning. 

I’m really curious, are other libraries teaching classes like this?  How are they going?  If so what subjects are they teaching?  How are they received?

2 thoughts on “Are other libraries teaching patrons about blogging?

  1. I have taught one class on creating a blog- for our patrons and one for staff,

    I teach year round and start a “series” every other month, each series runs 6-8 weeks. The series always includes, Intro to computers, Keyboard skills, Intro to the internet, using our website and online catalog, and introduction to Microsoft word. The other classes in the series vary. I have taught Beginning Excel, Intermediate word, e-mail, powerPoint, using a digital camera, online photo sharing, creating your own webpage (geocities) creating your own blog, Resumes, Students can sign up for which ever they think they need

    We only have 9 computers and the beginning classes are always full, so I rotate the more advanced classes and they too, are almost always full with a waiting list. I teach classes twice a week, and since that is the only time I can get the lab, and I am the only instructor it is difficult to provide more classes.


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