LibraryThing adds Find Friends feature

It’s 7 am and I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee but I’m already excited!  LibraryThing has added a Find Friends feature! Sweet!   One of my favorite tools, as a librarian, a book lover, goes even more social!

LibraryThing add Find Friends tool!

It has the usual option to find people using your email contacts, but also a way to search for friends using your “also on” connections.  Which is awesome because there are some people I’ve never emailed who are in my Twitter account (Facebook isn’t supported yet).  I have to say as someone who has, more than once, accidentally spammed all of my contacts with an invitation to some new site, I’m thrilled to see the precautions they’ve taken against that sort of thing.  LibraryThing, I gotta say it, you guys rock! 😉

Also On Connections  LibraryThing

Be my friend

Read the post on the LibraryThing blog

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