Missouri Librarians Unite!

Earlier this year Robin and I heard that some of our nieghbors in Kansas were planning an Unconference, calling it Kansas Library Camp.  We agreed that Missouri needed one of these so we made plans to crash their conference, borrow their ideas and started the search for funding for a Missouri Library Camp.  Everything was going great, we were welcomed at Kansas Library Camp and ideas were shared freely, and we found a grant we thought would cover expenses.  Fast foward to yesterday, we found out we did not get the grant.  Time for Plan B, er, except well we don’t have one.  So it’s brainstormign time.  It’s time for Missouri Librarians to get together and figure out how we can make this happen.

Where can we have it?  We need a location that offers wifi access and will allow for about 100 people to get together.  Places to eat nearby and volunteers to help oranize it. 

So what is an unconfernece?
It’s an opportunity for conversation among Librarians without the structure of a conference. Basically it’s the dialogue that happens in the halls, at lunch, and at dinner at a conference. It gives Librarians a chance to explore new ideas, discuss problems and challenges and make connections with other Librarians.


  • To network with other Librarians
  • Share ideas and resources
  • Learn about solutions and innovations

Other Unconferneces

2 thoughts on “Missouri Librarians Unite!

  1. You can do it, Bobbi! We really lucked out because one of the conference organizers (Jason Coleman) was able to get a location for us — at the Kansas State University library — during a semester break. NEKLS (the Northeast Kansas Library System) paid for parking permits. The snacks were donated by lib assoc…A nice central location is key. I know you’ll make it happen somehow!


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