“Creating a Culture of Wellness for Library Staff”, Presentation for APA-ALA

At the end of July, I presented a webinar for the ALA-Allied Professional Association on creating a culture of wellness in your library.

Creating a Culture of Wellness for Library Staff: It is now more important than ever to create a healthy environment for library workers. Fostering a culture of wellness can help lower stress, reduce burnout, improve recovery from compassion fatigue and more. This webinar will take a holistic approach as we discuss aspects of a healthy workplace including physical, mental, and emotional components. We will explore why, and how, libraries should focus on improving the health and wellness of library staff. 

You can access the slides here. The recording is also available from ALA-APA. Password: zkzPma*0

Title screen of presentation "Creating a Culture of Wellness in Your Library" Bobbi Newman, @librarianbyday, librarianbyday.net

You can find the resources and references below. 

I want to address something that came up during this webinar. I do not ever advise creating a “health” workplace program that includes either weight loss or step counts. I started writing about this here, but it became too long and it is it’s own blog post now. 


Wellness in the Library Workplace is a free online asynchronous class I created for NNLM. It takes place over two weeks and provides 4 continuing education credits from the Medical Library Association. You can register for an upcoming instance here.

Fostering Wellness in the Library Workplace is the Facebook Page I’ve created for the forthcoming book. I try to share information related to creating a healthy workplace there. 

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