How to Disable Facebook’s Newest Feature: Places. Yes, The Default Setting is Enable

Today Facebook rolled out it’s newest feature, Places, to US users. It allows you to check in at venues on using the Facebook app on your smart phone a la Foursquare or Gowalla. Facebook goes one step further, it allows others to check you in and you to check others in. Don’t want your friends checking you in? You need to disable this feature, this video from Lifehacker shows you how. Don’t care? Enjoy!

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  1. I was most surprised to find out that some people’s default setting (e.g. mine) was not “Enable.” Several friends and I compared our default settings, and they were different. We couldn’t figure out a rhyme or reason.

    So…Facebook is still more concerned about their advertisers than their users, but – for whatever reason – it’s not *necessarily* one’s default setting.


    • Jen That surprised me too. I have my Facebook account locked down fairly tight so if they were basing it on other settings I would have guess I would have gotten disable. Ah the mystery that is Facebook