Women Who Tech TeleSummit

I’m excited to be attending the Women Who Tech TeleSummit. Four reasons I’m attending and you should too:

1. It is for women, sorry boys but we do seem to be under represented on the tech side of library issues.
2. It’s a telesummit, and its affordable! I happily paid the fee.
3. It’s not a library conference.  Don’t get my wrong I love my library conferences but I’m also keenly aware of the need to escape the echo chamber.
4. There are some great session including How to Survive an Online Snark Attack and one with Clay Shirky and others that looks like it will address the issues in his Rant About Women post.

If that’s not enough to convince you check out the program.

Lightning Talks Kick off the Women Who Tech TeleSummit


  • Tools and Apps to Energize Your Base: Amy Sample Ward, NetSquared, Corvida Raven, Technologist, and Sarah Dijulio, M+R Strategic Services;
  • Launching Your Own Startup: Lisa Gansky, Meshing, Geoff Livingston, Zoetica, Rashmi Sinha, SlideShare, and Amra Tareen, AllVoices.com;
  • Social Media ROI: Cheryl Contee, Fission Strategy, Beth Kanter, Blogger and Zoetica, and Lauren Vargas, Radian;
  • Building the Ultimate User Experience: Iren Au, Google, Oonie Chase, IfWeRanTheWorld, Maria Giudice, Hotstudio and Amy Jo Kim, ShuffleBrain;
  • Self Promotion: Is This Really a Rant About Gender?: Clay Shirky, Author, Mary Hodder Dabble.com and Technologist, Lynne D. Johnson, Advertising Research Foundation, Kevin Marks, British Telecommunications, and Allyson Kapin, Women Who Tech and Rad Campaign;
  • Greening Your IT: David Deal, Community IT Innovators,  Anna Jaeger TechSoup Global’s GreenTech Initiative, and Ann Yoders, Green IT Consortium;
  • Women and Open Source and identity: Kaliya Hamlin, She’s Geeky, Sarah Mei, Pivotal Labs, and Michelle Murrian, Open Issue;
  • Female Ferocity: Genevieve Bell, Intel, Cathy Brooks, Social Media Hour, Elisa Camahort Page,BlogHer, Heather Harde, TechCrunch;

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