Top Ten Links Week 17

My personally selected top 10 from the links I shared on Twitter from 4/23/2010 thru 4/29/2010

1.Facebook’s Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline – a must read. You know privacy settings on Facebook have been changing but just seeing the time line will put it in perspective.

2. CIOs say IT should not block socianetworking sites via @sabram

3.Texting and cellphones being used successfully in fight against malaria via @dmlcentral – love stories about tech being used to save lives

Using a mix of text messages, Google Maps and cloud software, organizers of a pilot program backed by IBM, Novartis and Vodafone believe they saved hundreds of lives in a few short months on the malaria-wracked African continent. Simply by tracking inventory in remote areas with greater efficiency, the anti-malaria groups were able to increase the chances that any given clinic would have life-saving medicine on hand by 300 percent.

4. Change is Hard Because Self-Control Wears You Out – Sources of Insight via @buffyjhamilton – a good look at why change is so hard

5. great read! 25 Lessons Learned from Seth Godin via @buffyjhamilton @presentationzen – also includes top 10 quotes and a list of quotes by subject. Handy resource to bookmark

  1. Have a bunch of good runs before the sun sets.
  2. Be remarkable.
  3. Success is a skill.
  4. Being the best is the best place to be.
  5. Be missed.
  6. Everybody is an expert about something.
  7. Success is a hierarchy.
  8. Don’t do A as a calculated tactic to get B.
  9. Be in it for the long haul.
  10. Quit the right things and lean into the right Dips.
  11. Decide if you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur.
  12. It’s like walking through a maze.
  13. Everyone is not your customer.
  14. Feed, grow, and satisfy the tribe.
  15. Small is the new big.
  16. Find the new scarce
  17. It’s the FREE PRIZE INSIDE. ”
  18. The third century is about ideas.
  19. Spread your ideas.
  20. Don’t wait for perfect.
  21. Don’t get paid to alter your behavior.
  22. The goal of reading is to choose what to change.
  23. The world changes whether you like it or not.
  24. The game of marketing has changed.
  25. Feed, grow, and satisfy your business.

6. Digital Literacy is More Than Having the Knowledge of How to Use a Computer

“Digital literacy is more than having the knowledge of how to use a computer, what your software program does, what function or understanding how the hardware of your computer works. Digital literacy is also about using that knowledge to actually facilitate the learning process.” –  Clarissa Myrick-Harris, director of the UNCF’s Curriculum and Faculty Enhancement Program.

7. RT @UrbanLibCouncil: It isn’t good customer service to punish all library customers for the sins of a few.#ulcqueensbluesky

8. Excellent post from Gina Trapani about what to do with Facebook’s questionable privacy settings via @TheLiB – read it!

9. Great Post blowing my mind this morning: @brianmathews on what the future library might look like via @pbromberg

10 Teachers’ digital skills tick list via @joycevalenza – create list of skills teachers (or anyone) should have. You can add items and mark off the ones you are capable of. very cool

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