Top Ten Links Week 16

My personally selected top 10 from the links I shared on Twitter from 4/16/2010 thru 4/22/2010

1. NYTimes: Out of the Loop in Silicon Valley –  Sexism is still alive in Silicon Valley and pretty much everywhere else including libraries.

2. NYTimes: Web Coupons aKnow Lots About You, and They Tell – love coupons? Me too, but make sure you know what information you’re giving up when you get web coupons.

3. Two magazines, Newsweek and New York Teacher, offer competing views of what it will take to fix our schools via dmlcentral– the article the link goes to looks at two magazine covers but its worth actually reading the articles the covers are about.

4. Tim O’Reilly Explains the Internet of Things via mlx – be sure to read the article too

5. Are we surrendering our privacy too easily? Intriguing online conversation on MemeBurn via @dmlcentral – an absolute must read if you are thinking about privacy even a little.

6. Facebook’s move ain’t about changes in privacy norms If you are looking for well thought out responses to claims that privacy is dead danah boyd is always dead on. Here is another great post from her about this issue comparing it to a face to face situation.

Public-ness has always been a privilege. For a long time, only a few chosen few got to be public figures. Now we’ve changed the equation and anyone can theoretically be public, can theoretically be seen by millions. So it mustn’t be a privilege anymore, eh? Not quite. There are still huge social costs to being public, social costs that geeks in Silicon Valley don’t have to account for. Not everyone gets to show up to work whenever they feel like it wearing whatever they’d like and expect a phatty paycheck. Not everyone has the opportunity to be whoever they want in public and demand that everyone else just cope.

7. Dear Non Library Followers: We’re looking 4 essays importance of libraries 4 PLEASE WRITE 1 2day send lori at via baldgeekinmd is the collaborative effort of my friends Heather Braum & Lori Reed.  If believe in the value and importance of libraries please, please share your story.

8. Making Your Boss Look Good (Without Becoming a Sycophant) – great suggestions on ways to make your boss look good without looking like a, well you know 🙂

9. Study finds young do care about online privacy – Security- – well duh, but studies are always nice back up for those conversations with non believers

10. yes it does! RT @gcaserotti: RT @buffyjhamilton Does the term “digital natives” do kids a disservice? – yes absolutely! It does a disservice to those children without access to technology, it does a disservice to those who have it but don’t understand how to use everything or the ramifications of some of the aspects.  They may be more comfortable with technology than some adults but they are still children.

CC image used courtesy of holeymoon on flickr

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