Congratulations to the 2010 Movers and Shakers

I am proud to say I know so many of the people on this years list – Josh, Matt, Amy, Jason, Steve, Brian, Maurice, Andy!

Congratulations to everyone!

  1. Rebekkah Smith Aldrich
  2. Peggy Cadigan
  3. Gretchen CaserottiTwitter
  4. Stephanie Chase
  5. Lisa Chow
  6. Maurice Coleman T is for Training, (almost) Bald Trainer (blog)
  7. Ernie CoxMediacentered (blog)
  8. Monique DeLatte
  9. Ed Garcia
  10. Paul Hagonblog
  11. Matthew HamiltonTwitter
  12. Matthew Harp
  13. Monica Harris
  14. Ramona Harten, 2010
  15. Brian HerzogSwiss Army Librarian (blog), Twitter
  16. Scott Hughes
  17. Liana Juliano
  18. Laura Kasak
  19. Teresa Kiser
  20. Mandy KnappSave Ohio Libraries
  21. Joanna Kolendo
  22. Janice Kowemy
  23. Steve LawsonLibrary Society of the World, See Also (blog)
  24. David Lindahl
  25. Georgia Lomax
  26. Denise Lyons
  27. Amy Mather
  28. Allison Miller
  29. Josh NeffLibrary Society of the World, Goblin Cartoons (blog), Twitter
  30. Jason PuckettLibrarian X (blog),  Twitter
  31. Denise Raleigh
  32. Joann RansomLibrary Matters (blog)
  33. Melissa Rice
  34. Eric S. Riley
  35. Mary-Jo Romaniuk
  36. Bess SadlerSolvitur Ambulando (blog)
  37. Sandra Sajones
  38. Bernadette Salgado
  39. Virginia Sanchez, 2010
  40. Talia Sherer, 2010
  41. Manya Shorr, 2010
  42. Sarah Sogigian, 2010
  43. Laura Solomon – Save Ohio Libraries
  44. Bethan Steward, 2010
  45. Lisa Carlucci ThomasResearch, Twitter
  46. Bonnie Tijerina
  47. Judy Van Acker
  48. Rebecca VnukShelf Renewal (blog)
  49. Jennifer Wann Walker, 2010
  50. Andy WoodworthAgnostic, Maybe (blog), Twitter

8 thoughts on “Congratulations to the 2010 Movers and Shakers

  1. Bobbie L Newman,
    Unfortunately the majority of the town to which Ramona Harten serves do not share your sentiments. Number (14) Ramona Harten miscalculated the residents of the town in which she serves. Despite the knowledge of a judge mandated gag order on jailhouse interviews which produced a book before the Petit trial started,she contributed to it’s publicity,by purshasing said book for the Public Library.
    With some research, you will find the numerous ways in which the town made it known that they did not support the use of their tax dollars in this manner.
    This public servant will not be receiving awards or high marks from the town
    in which she serves.


    1. It is my understanding that Ms. Harten was following library policy when she purchased the title and the library board supported her decision. Ms. Harten upheld the Library Bill of Rights and the principles of librarianship, that we serve all members of the community, despite personal and professional attacks from the community. She absolutely deserves this award from her follow librarians, she most definitely earned it.


  2. Unequivocally disagree. This librarian states the book would be pulled with
    a court order. Book was obtained illegally,against a court order. The trial is pending, and this illegal publication has been cited several times by potential
    jurors as a reason to be excused.
    Note to fellow librarians, examine the policies on book selection criteria in the town you serve. Review completely all facts regarding such a purchase. Politics have no place in our library system.


    1. Mr. Murphy,
      I find it hard to believe that the library board voted to keep an illegal book. As I said before, it is my understanding that Ms. Harten was following the policy when she purchased the book. I’m not certain how you decide the purchase of it was about politics. I’ll state again, that Ms. Harten did what was correct and deserves this award from her peers. I applaud her actions.

      I understand you are personally frustrated with the purchase and the library boards decision to keep the title. You are certainly entitled to your opinion.


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