Howard Rheingold on New Literacies – Crap Detection

This is a long video but worth watching.  Howard Rheingold talks about literacy, information literacy, digital literacy and critical thinking. One of the things that stands out to me is he borrows the term “crap detection” from Ernest Hemingway. So while he is applying it to the internet the importance of critical thinking has been around long before the internet. It is not a new skill, but rather an old skill being applies to a new medium.

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5 thoughts on “Howard Rheingold on New Literacies – Crap Detection

  1. Bobbi, Thanks for posting these links. Howard Rheingold provides an entertaining and insightful look at critical-thinking, crap-detection. He will be speaking at the ISTE conference in Denver at the end of this month. You and your readers can contribute to a wiki resource led by Howard at

    Please help us create “thinking” resources by joining the wiki and actively editing the resource.

    Thanks – David


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