Top Ten Links Week 4

cc image used courtesy of Leo Reynolds on flickr

My personally selected top 10 from the links I shared on Twitter from 1/22/2010 thru 1/28/2010

  1. Your Brain Can’t Handle Your Facebook Friends” – great article from Mashable using Dunbar’s Number to explain why you can’t keep up with more than 150 Facebook Friends. I’m guess that applies to Twitter as well.
  2. Social Technology & an Innovative Intranet can Increase Employee Productivity give stats & examples, reminds me I need to finish my follow up post to Control is an Illusion You Need to Let Go
  3. from social media to social action: when awareness isn’t enough.” – remember while social media helps create awareness of issues, awareness does not equal action. No retweeting or sharing on Facebook does not count as action, despite what all the women who posted their bra color might think.
  4. you buy wine, kids get books, its win win for everybody, even if its bad wine you can give it as gifts 😉 – nuf said
  5. iPad is iBad for freedom – from Free Software Foundation – a must read if you care about DRM & open source & open access. While you’re at it read these: 8 Things That Suck About the iPad and The Problem with the Apple iPad like how I snuck 2 extra links in there? 🙂
  6. Programme Transliteracy Conference 9 Feb 2010 – I am so sad I wasn’t able to find funding to attend this, I’ll be following closely online.
  7. The Seth Godin Uber Echo Disaster! – I know I blogged about the echo chamber earlier this week, but I hope you’re still thinking about it.
  8. The Relevance Economy: Why mattering matters. – an interesting read on the relevance of things, it is all relative.
  9. google voice for iphone – RT @kenleyneufeld: Just tested and it works perfectly. Here’s a better link direct from god. – google voice is finally on the iphone
  10. @curiouschild have you seen this? – monkeys are involved and my infatuation with Monkeys is well documented.

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