Day 2 in the Life of a Librarian #libday4

View from the stage
View from the stage at Kiwanis

I took these notes today as part of The Day in the Life project, if you would like to read more please see the wiki, if you’re interested in how it all got started read this post

My title is Digital Branch Manager, I work for system that serves 4 counties with 8 branches (9 counting mine).
7:00 overslept despite having my alarm on. I check it, yes on, no idea why it didn’t go off. This throws my whole day off because I have no time to
8:15 review Kiwanis presentation
9:45 attempt to track down a kindle to take with me for Kiwanis presentation
10:00 make note to redo library’s overdrive page
10:15 panic when I think I lost my library card
10:16 find my library card
10:30 provide new cellphone recommendation for my mom – work is making her upgrade her blackberry
11:15 print handouts for Kiwanis
11:30 Meet head of Popular materials in the lobby to ride with her
1:45 back to the library
2:00 downstairs to get a demo library card
2:15 talk with director about midwinter
3:00 attempting to record instructions of loading Overdrive ebooks on to Nook & Sony eReader,
4:00 run into issues with Nook and begin researching, problem (more later)
4:45 chat briefly with coworker about plans for staff day
5:00 Back to Nook issues
6:00 downstairs to drop off magazines and chat with Head of Reference on my way out.
7:00 exit building
8:00 home, make dinner, walk dogs, watch Castle

Also done but time(s) not noted – remove spam from the Day in the Life wiki, curse jerks who are posting it & remove access, check in on Twitter, glance at facebook briefly, answer emails and update website

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