Top Ten Links – Week 2

My hand selected best links I shared on Twitter from 1/8/2010 through 1/14/2010 in no particular oder:

  1. Just call me Tenzing Norbook, I guess. Toby Greenwalt’s response to Seth Godin’s post about libraries and the discussion that takes place in the comments.
  2. 2010: The Only Year of the E-Reader great article from Fast Company on why, despite the awesomeness of many of the new ereaders, they wont be sticking around long.
  3. Top Innovators Practice 5 Skills the Rest of Us Don’t if you can stand yet another article about innovation the 5 skills are something we should all be doing, innovator or not.
  4. To Know the Library Is To Love the Library — But Who Knows the Library? Toby’s article on the Huffington Post
  5. A Taxonomy of Reflection: Critical Thinking For Students, Teachers, and Principals (Part I)
  6. How to remove yourself from a Twitter List – lets face it, check what twitter lists you’re on is just one more part of being aware of your online identity, if you show up on one you don’t like you have some options
  7. Perpetual Beta – a new blog from Jason Griffey and American Libraries, about technology of course.
  8. Protecting Reputations Online in Plain Englishanother fine video from the guys at CommonCraft
  9. The Alexander Graham Bell Guide to Changing the World – ideas are good, action is better.
  10. All the ones from ALA Learning – blog authors introduction & interviews, and two new bloggers! Buffy Hamilton and Lauren Pressley!

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Links – Week 2

  1. thank you SO much for telling me how to remove myself from those Twitter lists. It was important to me for several reasons why I did not want to have my twitter ID connected to my name, and no one could help me get removed. Great info.!!


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