Micro Interactions, Conversations, & Customers: Sweet Tweet Strategies

Notes from the 2009 Internet Librarian Conference

Micro Interactions, Conversations, & Customers: Sweet Tweet Strategies
David Lee King
Julie Strange
Amy Kearns

David – tools for interaction
Start conversation and add value – except maybe on youtube

Status updates – twitter facebook myspace
Casual conversation
Meet ups

Retweet – that was cool content, I’m going to share it again

Likes, thumbs ups, ratings, favorites
You can subscribe to someone elses twitter favorites by RSS feeds, let someone else do the work for you

How to achieve engagement nirvana
1. Say the stuff in your head – but not everything, Healthy debate is good
2. Have to give to get, you can’t “get” something without using it, how do you get to know a friend f2f? you interact
3. ask & ye shall receive, allows you to ask a question & get 20 responses
4. listen – listen first,
5. Dangle a carrot – tempt them to engage, offer a reward for engagement, ask leading questions
6. don’t be dishonest, if you’re dishonest or shaddy sometimes that’s amplified on the internet
Bonus – tools that will help, get stats, facebook stats – demographics, flickr has stats too – these are the most popular, video 2mobile then to youtube because 2 mobile doesn’t stats, pay for radion6 scoutlabs will do similar to google but help show positive or negative reactions to your updates

Your goal is to connect wth your online community, its ok to have the online community to be your only goal, chances are they have been neglected and just being there indicates they are the type of people who like to participate

Julie Strange and Amy Kearns
Tweet What?
How to power up your twitter use

How twitter got started – wanted something that was similar to IM but using sms
Logo is a bird, on purpose, bird chirps sound meaningless to use, but meaning is applied by other birds, what sounds meaningless to you is not to others

What were doing online isn’t information pushing it’s the interaction that primary, the conversation builds the relationship

Twitter search is the new google
Don’t have to have an account to watch whats happening., search.twitter.com, advanced search allows you search for emoticons  or  or ?
Can search for tweets by zip code & then subscribe via RSS, then insert themselves into the conversation
Libraries posting examples of the types of questions they are getting
Used twitter to put recent questions on front page of library
Post statistics, customer comments etc
Asking & answering questions
Conversations don’t have to exist solely online even if you’re using these tools
McMaster – have twitter embedded on bottom of the tv screens that are in library

Use it for reference
Connect for customer service
Broadcast news & events
Solicit feedback
Broaden professional network

How are you using it
Response – running a search for their library name & location & saw a negative comment by a reporter & were able to address it before it became a problem.

Don’t be the creepy guy, don’t just be pushing your stuff, give and take, just showing up and pushing your stuff and

Recommendations for twitter statistics
Twitter analyzer, twittilizer

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