Library Day in the Life – Wednesday, Day 5

6:00 up and at ’em

6:30 get the call that we have  a delayed opening, spend my time on FF and Blackboard

9:00 Arrive at work, check emails, check Voicemail – message from a database rep about contracts, send email in response.


9:30 Time for Management Team Mtg, this one is only once a month.

11:00 Back to my desk, answering emails, talk with Collection Management Librarian about one of our new ordering tools.  Another Librarian asks me to help her with Google Calender.  We’ve switched to Google for our email and everyone is still figuring out how to use all the tools.  I help her and give her a couple of tips.  

11:45  Decide funk is in part brought on by the cave that is my office and going out for lunch might help.  So I walk to blocks to a local place with good salads

12:30 Back to my desk, check my calender, see I have a WebJunction Virtual Townhall Meeting – Focus on Staff Training at 1pm

12:50 – Log into WJ get some goo info about staff training 

2:15 Time to order books! I’m ordering 600s and computer books this year,  I think I’ll focus on cookbooks and pets. In the middle I chat with the Teen Librarian about the Teen Advisory Council and getting teens to volunteer to be involved with it.

3:00 Time to weed! I grab the list from the report I ran a month ago and walk across the street to the library, grab a bookcart from Circ and head into the stacks. 

4:30 back to desk to check emails and get ready to head home.  As I’m getting ready to leave I hit my head on a shelf and realize I’m bleeding, for a minute or two I think I have seriously cut my head and I’m going to have to get stitches and they are going to have to shave my head.  Great.  Two coworkers check me out and make sure I don’t need stitches. Have I mentioned my coworkers are awesome? 😉

5:30 Home! Hang out with my Dogs, read a magazine, play Ps2 and wait for Lost to come on!

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