Library Day in the Life Tuesday Day 4

I took these notes today as part of The Day in the Life project, if you would like to read more please the wiki, if you’re interested in how it all got started read this post and this one.

6:00 wake up, wonder if the weather got bad enough over night that work will be canceled.  Get up make coffee and realized that the library will be open today.  Fret over whether or not I should just stay home, we’re supposed to get more bad weather this afternoon and I live 30 miles from the library.  Decide to go in.

7:15 – leave for work.  The highway isn’t great, everyone is going about 50, I see one accident and am almost in one when I have to brake.  Ugh I’m over half way to work so I keep going, if I were close to home I’d probably turn around.

8:00 – Arrive at work.  Turn on computer, while I”m waiting for my profile to load I chat with coworkers about the weather.

8:30 – check email and open the weather channel in a tab so I can keep an eye on the weather.  In case it starts to get bad I want to leave and I have to decide by 3pm if I’m going to cancel my class tonight.

9:10 – post to Twitter asking opinions about a Flickr contact with photos of topless women in his account.  I don’t personally care for the photos, I respect his right to have them, but I don’t like the idea of a library contact clicking on one of his comments and being direct to that.  Responds vary, but it’s confirmed once again the Twitterati rule.  I’ve deleted comments and blocked Flickr users before, but those were people who were making inappropriate comments, including ones that just say you’re hot or something to that effect.  In those cases I don’t hesitate, but this one is more boarder line.  

10:00 -Review my budget for this year, confirm that I do have the funds to add that new database.  Email the rep that we’re going to move forward, within 10 minutes he emails me the forms and contract.   Send paperwork to IT to be filled out and sent back to me.  

10:30 Start to fret about whether I should cancel tonight’s class, it’s the first face to face one so I think it’s especially important.  But I don’t want anyone getting hurt trying to make it in, I have students coming from over 2 hours away.  check the local weather.   

10:45 Leave my building and head to the main library to check my mail, note that it’s drizzling as I cross the street.  Not good.  Chat with a couple of coworkers about the past weekend.  

11:15 Back to my office, It’s still drizzling and freezing.  I check the weather and it look to only get worse.  Decide to go home, so I wrap up my emails, back a few magazines in my bag and head out the door at 11:30

12:30 Home, whew! The drive was really bad in some areas.  Glad I came home though.  Walk the dogs, eat the Chipotle I picked up on the way.  

1:00 Back to the computer, check emails, check Blackboard, fret over canceling class repeatedly check weather sites online. 

2:00 Look at all the local schools and businesses canceling closing early, note that my library closed at 2pm due to the weather, decide it’s best to cancel classes.  Back to reading. 

3:00 – Down time, read, watch some Alias, play with the Dogs. 

5:00 pm check email, blackboard and FriendFeed.  Decide I”m taking the rest of the night off of work stuff.  Play PS2 and read a fiction book.

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