How I started blogging meme

kickin off the day It looks like there is another Library themed meme making the rounds, this one started by Meredith Farkas at Information Wants To Be Free, I spotted over on David’s blog weeks ago but never imagined it would get around to me. Both The Bald Trainer & Beth Tribe tagged me for this one, so I better get on it.

Q1) How or why did I start to get into blogging?

I’d had a personal blog for a while and in fact I’d started this blog at one point then deleted all the posts in July of 2007 to get a fresh start.  I started this blog as more of a record for me, as I said in one of my very first posts, as a record of my adventures in libraryland.

Q2) How did I gain an audience?

I’m not sure.  As I look back over some of my older posts I cringe a little.  Some of what I thought were my best posts got very little attention (hey look! There’s the first time I said “if you build it they will come – or maybe not”, I say this in most of my presentations)  I’d like to think it’s been by providing useful information combined with my wit and charm.

Q3) What advice would you give to new bloggers who want to make a name for themselves in the biblioblogosphere?

Don’t be afraid to let your personality show through.  Think about the blogs you read and why you read them.  Know who your audience is, libraryland is really big, it’s hard to aim for everyone.  It’s ok to have an opinion, and it’s ok to change your mind later about your opinion. Be honest.  Be kind.

2 thoughts on “How I started blogging meme

  1. I like what you said about having an opinion and “it’s ok to change your mind later about your opinion.” I think that shows growth and development, some opinions should be held fast and hard but sometimes you have to know when to be swayed…Librarianship is such a fluid field that I find my opinions are constantly shifting; I used to feel fickle, now not so much.


  2. Good advice at the end. “It’s ok to have an opinion, and it’s ok to change your mind later about your opinion. Be honest. Be kind.” I shall keep that in mind when I post from now on.


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