Akoha Starter packs – I have 19 decks to give away!

Akoha cardsLess than two weeks ago I blogged about an exciting new idea – Akoha.  I was enthusiastic about the idea, in fact I love it. I love the idea of doing good and passing it forward, call me optimistic, call me naive, but I think this idea has merit.  So I blogged about it, I was a little surprised when I was contacted, asking for my address so I’d have a pack of cards to hand out at my upcoming conference.  But I was astonished yesterday morning when I arrived at work to discover not a just a set for me, but 20 sets, 19 to hand out!

Initially I stated – “If you’re wondering what this has to do with Libraries or the Social Web, my usual topics, the answer is nothing.” I was wrong. Oddly enough yesterday morning before I even got to work and discovered my cards, came across the Akoha Challenge and sent out a twitter message about it.

So I’m changing my statement – If you’re wondering what this has to do with libraries or the Social Web the answer is everything!  Akoha is all about doing good, libraries are all about doing good.  Hey most of us wouldn’t be working in one if we didn’t really believe in the good they do.  A lot of libraries have now included gaming in their missions – Akoha is a game, even cooler it’s a big game and an online game.  Oh wait, it get’s better, the Akoha Challenge –

After the Akoha community completes 25,000 missions, we will sponsor a Room to Read school in Nepal on behalf of our player community.

If you love the idea too and want to play along leave a comment, email me, talk to me at one of my upcoming conferences, I might just have your deck with me.  😉

13 thoughts on “Akoha Starter packs – I have 19 decks to give away!

  1. I am completely stalking you on FriendFeed and Twitter until I get one of these. 🙂 I’m a huge ARG fan, and Akoha’s idea is so good that I’m disappointed they didn’t win TechCrunch 50.


  2. Bobbi, me! me! me! We here at the Mancos Public Library would absolutely LOVE an Akoha deck!

    We are starting our first gaming program on National Gaming Day (Nov. 15). All day long in the library and our town community center, we’ll be hosting all sorts of games: board games, computer games, card games, and we’ll even have a game of Twister going! It sounds like Akoha would be a great addition.

    What would you like me to do for a deck?!?!? Thanks a million, in advance.


  3. I wanna pack! But I won’t be at any conferences anytime soon 😦 It sounds like a really cool idea and would love to introduce it to some of the folks that I work with…


  4. Bobbi,

    Thanks a MILLION for the Akoha deck. I’ll be integrating it into our gaming day – I will also report back on how it all went!

    Currently, I am also working on a way to “Make Someone Smile”…

    I’ve been smiling all week. 🙂


  5. So I really have nothing to do with libraries, other than the fact that I occasionally check out a book from the local one, but I just had to comment about Akoha. I heard about it on a podcast and I’m really intrigued. If you happen to have a spare deck I would more than gladly donate a book or 10 to my local library.



  6. Akoha shut down their door! It closed for revenue problem!
    OK, Here a good news. Some crazy Akohan’s who are crazy about Akoha and love the Akoha community creates a new site- wwww.akohans.wall.fm .
    We create the site after a yahoo group discussion. Our new mission is “The Spirit of Akoha Shall Live On”

    Yes, this is our new mission. Akoha can’t stop here. We will take forward this journey in the future.
    Thank’s to Alex and Austin (who created Akoha) for supporting us. Also Thanks to them for such a wonderful website-Akoha! Best of luck for their future project


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