Monday – A day in the life of a librarian

work work work
my desk at work - there are notes all over it on Flickr if you're interested

Monday 7/07/08 

  • Get up check both email accounts from home.   In addition to my work account I use a gmail account for many things work related, email lists, notifications, etc.  I address anything that needs immediate action, save the rest for when I actually get in the office.   
  • Get ready and head to meet my carpool buddy, I carpool as often as I can, but my schedule is wacky so usually just one day a week. 
  •  Get to work, check email again (I get a lot of email).  Actually got through email, respond, delete or forward as necessary. 
  • Work on my budget, including review this years expenditures, and proposal for next years budget.
  • Prepare monthly report for Director for board meeting. including a compilation of comments and stats from MRRL’s blog, FlickrFacebook etc, Library Learning 2.1 and any programs I’ve done in the last month. 
  • Check voicemail, return call to patron who is having problems downloading eAudio book from NetLibrary. 
  • Get tasked by director to check out patron complaint about not working, check with the Head Reference Librarian, realize it’s software issue, redirect to IT. 
  • Talk with Head Reference Librarian about possibility of new medical database and proposal she’s working on. 
  • Work on Internet safety presentation I’m doing for the patrons in 2 weeks
  • Through out the day I’ve check FriendFeed, Twitter and chated with different coworkers face to face. 
  • Car pool home (from here on out I’m off the clock)
  • Talk about work with coworker on the way home. 
  • Write blog post about doing A Day in the Life, really hope it takes off. 
  • Read library blogs
  • Check all accounts again before going to bed

I took these notes last Monday as part of The Day in the Life project, if you’re interested in reading more or signing up to write your own please add your name to the wiki.

3 thoughts on “Monday – A day in the life of a librarian

  1. Good to learn the life of a Librarian!

    I guess you are bright enough to enjoy the challenge of making your work even more interesting . . . . . . . .

    I’ve just blogged on “Let’s CHANGE ‘Management Speak’!” which could be a chance to come up with some new descriptions that use words that suit you. I wonder what you think?



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