Tuesday – A Day in the Life of a Librarian Day 2

working from the coffee shop

Tuesday: Today I telecommute! I telecommute for 8 hours a week.  These seems like a sweet deal until you realize I actually work from home about 20 hours a week and I’m only allowed to count 8 of those hours. 

I start the day off by checking my  email accounts.  Then I drink some tea and do the normal get ready for work things.  But instead of getting my car, I get out my bike and ride to a localy coffee shop for fuel (I have a serious cappuccino addiction), atmosphere and increased focus, I do so much better when the dogs don’t act l ike I’m the worst mommy in the world for not playing with them every minute. 🙂  First up I order cappuccino get connected to the free wifi.  Then I proof the blog post that kicked this whole thing off and hit publish.  It’s quiet so far so I don’t have to break out the headphones, I open my work email and go throug those, then on to my gmail account.   

Next I check on the Facebook group for Missouri Libraries (it’s growing wooohooo) and flickr group for Missouri Libraries, it’s growing slower but I’m hoping the two will turn into great networking/communication tools for Missouri Librarians

Now it’s time to check on MRRL’s blog schedule (I use google calender so I can access it from anywhere) see an opening later this month, so I add a Did You Know post of renewing books video for later in the month.  While I’m at it,  I respond to a comment on MRRL’s blog about movies we show both via a direct email and on the blog. 

Time to start working on prefered searches video, we’re doing this series of instructional videos about how to use the OPAC.  The videos aren’t fancy but they work.  🙂

I got an email this morning about a problem with one of our databases and sent an inquiry to the vender.  When I get the reply back I forward it IT. 

Then I put some time into  a couple of upcoming presentations, one for the patrons about undiscovered library resources, one for an upcoming 4 day workshop on web2.0 and one I’ll be giving on Ocotober. 

After that I head home then to the gym.  Later I look over my presentations and make some notes. 

Through out the day I also was active on Friendfeed, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook

3 thoughts on “Tuesday – A Day in the Life of a Librarian Day 2

  1. I would love to be able to work from home. Any tips for how to make that happen? Did you make a formal proposal? And why do you work more hours than you get credit for? I just love reading about everyone else’s day!


  2. I was going to say the same thing as Lori. That’s really cool that you can work from home but why do only 8 hours count? Do you like it? Is it hard to focus and remember that it is work? Do people interrupt or do they accept that you are working? Sorry so many questions, I’m interested in the work from home concept.


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