Bringing Wellness into the Library Workplace

It feels strange to return to blogging after almost a year away. I have drifted away from it for a number of reasons: changes in my personal life, a job with a different focus, putting my time and focus elsewhere both consciously and unconsciously, and making space for new bloggers. Over the years I have mostly blogged on topics related to the work I was doing at my library, things such as digital literacy and the digital divide. I still care deeply about those things and feel much frustration when I see how little progress we have made in those areas.

This last year I developed a new class for work, Wellness in the Library Workplace. As I did the research for the course, and later read the discussion posts and feedback from participants, I realized how important this topic is. Libraries seldom focus on the health and well-being of their staff (actually this is true of almost all organizations in the U.S., not just libraries.)  I have continued to seek out examples of libraries focusing on staff health and wellness and read more of the research on worker wellness. I have decided to start sharing these on the blog. So here’s to a return to blogging!

If you’re blogging about topics related to worker wellness please let me know so I can follow your blog. I love recommendations!


photo of a desk with a plant, computer, and some files. there is a window in the background
Photo by Michael Aleo on Unsplash


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