Updated ALA Surival Packing & Survival Tips for #ALAAC2017


After seeing a couple of tweets of an older version of this from 2013, I decided it’s time to update my 2014 post.  I travel quite a bit for work now, and I’ve picked up some new items and refined older practices. I put NEW next to new items or new models for those of you who had seen this before but left much of the old commentary for first-time or forgetful readers. I have linked to my most recent or favorite model. FYI I did try travel cubes, and find my long-time method of rolling preferable.

Over years ago I gave up checking bag and started traveling with only a carry on. I was tired of paying the extra baggage fees, waiting for my bag at the carousel, and it felt like a challenge. After a few trips I got used to it and I never looked back! I finally replaced my 10+-year-old bag with a TravelPro Spinner after much research. I usually still manage to bring several pairs of shoes though I stick to comfortable ones for conferences these days.

These are the things I can NOT live without at conferences –

  • Portable phone (and tablet) charger NEW This is my most important recommendation! Seriously go buy one right now! Even if you ignore all the rest of my advice! I have been recommending (and sharing) one for years, and I hear great comments from those who bought one. It’s slightly larger than a cell phone, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Plug it in and charge it each night then throw it in your bag for the day. No looking for an outlet or dealing with a dead phone. Most of theses have 2 usb plugs, so if you are feeling really generous you can share with a friend.
  • A good bag in a light weight material. This usually doubles as my second carry-on and my conference bag. Forgot leather – it’s hot & heavy. I like the lightweight the Baggallini bags. The A La Carte is big enough to hold most laptops and anything else I either don’t want to have to gate check or want to carry around the conference. If you’re looking for a messenger style bag big enough to hold an iPad go with the Hobo Style Tote. It has 3 outside pockets and the strap can be shortened to wear as a shoulder bag or long to wear as a messenger. The Town Tote, it is similar in size to the Hobo, but in tote style. All of them fold down flat so you can use a bigger one as a carry-on and pack a smaller one for conference use.
  • Portable Power Strip NEW with USB ports. Even new hotels often only have one outlet on the nightstand. I like one with a little bit of cord in case the outlet is hidden behind a nightstand. You will  make friends if you take it along when you go out because you’ll be able to offer to plug it in when all the outlets are full, securing a spot for yourself and sharing with others. Double win!
  • Portable Humidifier NEW for your hotel room. OMG, hotels are SO dry. This thing is small and amazing.
  • A water bottle – for travel and at the conference. This Contigo Water Bottle is my current favorite, thanks to it’s autoseal function and easy one-handed operation. Don’t lug around a gallon of water when they are fountains everywhere. And don’t buy bottled water!
  • Toothpowder Daily Care Mint works great and doesn’t count as a liquid!
  • Humangear Travel bottles – These silicon bottles are 1.25 ounces each. For most products I don’t use 3 oz even when I’m gone a week, so they are perfect for maximizing space in that liquids baggy at security.
  • Bee Bar Lotions – Love this solid lotion. It starts out solid but when you rub it in your hands it heats up and softens. Won’t leak in your bag and doesn’t count as a liquid!
  • Rub relief for your feet– there plenty of options a stick, bandages, whatever, apply early and often to prevent blisters!
  • Good shoes, at least 2 pairs, neither new, really a conference is no place to break in new shoes.
  • Umbrella – small compact kind.
  • Snack bars – Great during travel and during the conference. If you’re running late in the morning, don’t have time at lunch to get out and get back in time for the first afternoon session or to tide you over until that late dinner. Cheaper and healthier than any concession stand junk and most airport food.
  • A well planned schedule – I print it out in addition to having it on my phone so I can easily see a glance where I’m supposed to be and when. I politely decline the big printed one at check-in. I already know where I’m going & it’s bit and heavy.


  • Give people your name – wear your badge up near your face rather than on a lanyard so it’s easy for people to glance at while talking to you. Introduce yourself, even if you have already met the person, some of us have hard time with names and there are a LOT of people to remember.
  • Introduce yourself! – To anyone, you think you want to chat with. Most people are happy to chat and super friendly. Maybe have a few questions worked out in your head ahead of time. Where do you work is ok, but there are lots of people who are at ALA looking for jobs, so think of something different!
  • Be on the lookout for ribbons and colored badges – some ribbons are just fun, others offer helpful information about service (Council) or divisions (LITA) and are great conversation starters.
  • Don’t hang out with the people you came with – Go to different sessions, eat meals with other people, maximize your time at the conference you can share with each other what you learned.
  • Meet new people – Get out of your comfort zone, ask people what they want to get from the conference, how far they traveled, etc., you never know what you’ll learn or who you’ll meet.
  • Make a schedule, be willing to break it – make a schedule of what you’d like to attend, know what you absolutely must see and what you’d be willing to miss for coffee with that person you’ve been wanting to meet or the awesome new person you just met
  • Know what amenities your hotel offers – internet access, gym, fridge, breakfast, pool, etc., use them.
  • Ask for the things you need at your  hotel – you are a paying guest, don’t be afraid to ask for little things like more hangers or more coffee.
  • Make time for down time – conferences can be overwhelming there is so much to do, so many people to meet.  Don’t wear yourself out early, it won’t matter how much you see if you are too worn out to remember it or how many people you meet if you are too burnt out to make a good impression.
  • Get the right bag – you don’t want to carry too much,  it’s hard on your back & shoulders, but you need room for important extras like extra shoes, a water bottle and a sweater or wrap. Take notes by hand. Twitter and check email from your phone.
  • Layer your clothes, bring a jacket, sweater or shawl, temperature can vary widely in rooms and you want to be comfortable
  • Drink lots of water – so easy to forget when you’re on the go and it is one small thing that can make you feel so much better.

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