Colorado Here I Come!

Last week I passed my thesis defense!


(Probably the one and only time I’ll use a .gif on this blog, but it had to be done! 😉 )


I have already posted about this on Twitter and Facebook and many people asked me – what next? Now that everything is final I am happy to announce I’ll be attending the University of Colorado Boulder to purse at Ph.D. in media studies. I plan to continue my current research on political communication, new media, technology, and policy.

There are many reasons I chose CU Boulder, but the one that library readers might consider the most interesting is the proposed new College of Media, Communication and Information. The new college will consist of 8 departments including information science. If I were pursing a BA today that would be my major.

I’m looking forward to this new phase of education, if not the upcoming move! 🙂

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