Marketing Message – Public Libraries Helped 297.6 Million People in 2010

Would love to see something like this at libraries.


One of the benefits of traveling is the exposure to new experiences and ideas. On my way back from Germany I filled my water bottle at water fountain that had a spout specifically for water bottles and it had this counter above it. My brain immediately started whirling – why don’t libraries do something like this? Not for water bottles of course.  It would be easy to add into displays and convey a great marketing message easily.  It makes library data freely available to patrons (stop hiding it in boring reports to board members) and creates a sticky talking point.

A few of the possible statements that came to mind were:

  • Helped XXX children learn to read (number of children’s library cards or whatever number floats your boat)
  • Helped XXX children learn to love books.
  • Gave XXX of children a head start on life.
  • There are XXX possible worlds to explore from this library (number of books).
  • Introduced XXX people to a new world. (patron library cards)
  • We have assisted in XXX job searches this year.

You get the idea and you probably have more than me because you are not jet lagged.

* data from IMLS  that’s 96.4% of the US population BTW.

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