Digital Literacy, Libraries, and Public Policy Draft Open for Comments

The ALA Digital Literacy Task Force (PDF) has released a preliminary copy of their report “Digital Literacy, Libraries, and Public Policy” for comments. The report provides a broad overview of digital literacy policy in public, academic and school libraries.

The report is intended to serve as a launching point for recommendations from the Task Force to ALA and the library community in general.

The public comment period is open from September 18, 2012 – October 19, 2012. Commenters are asked to focus their feedback on substantive issues and the task force specifically asks representatives of each library type to consider how their library is portrayed.

You can leave a comment here (as a member of the Task Force I will pass them along) or in the ALA Connect space for the report.

As you review the draft, please focus your feedback on substantive issues. Specifically, the task force asks representatives of each library type to consider how your library is portrayed.  Are the examples demonstrative of the work you do?  Are the issues that are most important to you and your colleagues addressed?  Please provide comments that in turn provide the task force with enough information to effectively address your suggestions or concerns.

How to comment

When you open the report you will notice that each paragraph is numbered: [para 1], [para 2], and so on.  To ensure that we can track each comment, please refer to the page number and the paragraph number at the beginning of your comment.  Please do this for each section you wish to comment on.

Please use the comment option below to submit your comments.  Task Force members will review each comment when the public comment period is over.  Please do not submit line edits.  Prior to publication we will have a copy editor review the final draft version.  At that time endnotes will be formatted in APA style.

Please send questions about the report to

Digital Literacy, Libraries, and Public Policy

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