Sign Up For Library Day in the Life Round 8! #libday8

I can’t believe it but it’s almost time for Round 8 of Library Day in the Life Project! It will run January 30th through February 5th.

What is the Library Day in the Life Project?

It’s a chance to share your day, or week, with other librarians and hopefully the public at large. It started when I come discovered someone had searched “What’s a librarian’s day like” to find my blog so I wrote a blog post suggesting that other librarians and library workers blog what we do all day at work.  Then we (and maybe patrons) could see what we do all day. A second objective is to escape the library echo chamber where we’re talking to each other and reach others outside of libraries.

People participate by sharing a day or week by writing blog posts, tweeting, creating videos and taking pictures. Last round there were just under 250 people signed up on the wiki. There were over 800 people participating via Twitter.  It has grown to be an international project with participants from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, France, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan and Singapore. Participants are from academic, public, college, special, school libraries, professional organizations and library vendors.

How do you participate?

  • Chose your medium – blog posts, tweets, pictures, videos, interpretive dance, whatever.
  • Go to the wiki
  • Create an account (it’s free), carefully read the instructions for adding your content.
  • On the 30th start recording your day or week.
  • Bloggers, Flickr & YouTube users tag your posts with librarydayinthelife and #libday8. Twitters use the #libday8
  • Bloggers be sure to include an introductory paragraph explaining the project and information about your position for readers.
  • Add your Flickr photos or videos to the Group on Flickr and/or join the Facebook Page

You don’t have to write a blog post or tweet, you can document your day with words or photos or video or a handwritten love note or a cartoon.

Why should you participate? Meredith Farkas offers an excellent explanation of why she did. The Project has turned into a great resource for students, instructors, staff and patrons.

Need some inspiration?

Check out entries from previous years.

Check out this amazing video Ned Potter created for Round 6

Browse the photos on the Flickr pool.

14 thoughts on “Sign Up For Library Day in the Life Round 8! #libday8

  1. I love this idea, because I’ve just started a MLIS program, and I’d love to hear about different workplaces.

    Especially interested in public libraries and special libraries.


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