10 Reasons You Should Attend Internet Librarian 2011 #IL2011

It’s no secret that Internet Librarian is my favorite library conference. Let’s just skip over the location, sure is amazing, and if you’re trying to choose between 2 similar conference the fact that one takes place in Monterey should sway you. But when you’re looking to convince your boss that you need to go “there are sea lions! and an aquarium!” won’t cut it.

1. It’s just right. Not too big, not too small, just right. I often feel like Goldilocks at IL after attending a variety of conferences over the last year.  Some, like ALA, though with its own perks are just too big. Others are just too small. IL is just right.

  • It is big enough that there is a wide variety of topics, something for public, academic, school and special libraries and something for all levels of expertise and comfort.
  • It’s small enough that it is easy enough to get from one session to another, you’ll never miss a session because you couldn’t catch a bus or walk in time. There are plenty of restaurants and interesting things to occupy your down time within walking distance, no need to rent a car or take a cab.

2. Intimate – The size and location of the conference just makes it more intimate. Instead of rushing from session to session you’ll have time to ask one on one questions from the speakers afterwards or chat with the new friend you just made. You never know who you’ll meet!

3. Diversity – Expand your horizons with librarians from all types of libraries and mingle freely with librarians who serve all types of populations.  It is much easier to get out of your silo and learn about new idea others are trying and you can apply them to your library.

4. Learning – You’ll hear presentations full of suggestions and tips from young and old (to the profession not age) alike. It’s important to update your librarian skills and knowledge, the world is changing so quickly around us don’t get left behind.

5. Easy – There are plenty of learning experiences disguised as fun like the Gaming & Gadgets Petting Zoo on Sunday night, the Great Web 2.0  Face off on Tuesday evening or the QR Code Treasure Hunt.

6. Explore – sign up for one of the many dine-arounds based on a common topic and you’ll get a chance to explore your topic with like-minded professionals, a conversation you’d never get to have at home. This is a great chance to expand your personal learning network and create great contacts you can share information and brainstorm with over the next year.

7. Immersion – Sign up for one of the many pre-conference workshops* on Saturday and Sunday to get in-depth instruction.

8. Knowledge. – Knowledge is power, even if you don’t immediately implement every new thing you heard about (please don’t actually do this) you’ll have a better understanding of what others are doing so you can respond to suggestions and ideas at your library with authority.

9. Helping Hand – They’ll help you with your justification . They also offer a group discount if more than one person from your library attends.

10. The Vendors – in keeping in line with the rest of the conference the exhibit hall is just right, not too big not too small.  You’ll have plenty of time to ask those questions you’ve been thinking over. Even better you wont have to wear your practical librarian shoes to do it, put on some fabulous heels (sorry boys) and get to it!

My Schedule

Of course I’ll be there! This year I’m moderating a track and doing a cybertour in addition to regular presentation sessions, so stop by!

Moderator: 10-17-2011   Track D Learning, Literacy, & Training

Monday   10-17-2011   10:15 AM – 11:00 AM   D101: Training Is Not Learning?

Monday   10-17-2011   1:15 PM – 2:00 PM   D103: Transliteracy & 21st-Century Skills for Library Users

Tuesday   10-18-2011   10:30 AM – 11:15 AM   A201: Ebooks: Putting the Issues on the Table

Tuesday 10-18-2011, Cyber Tour,  Productivity Tools & Tips for Internet Librarians

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Should Attend Internet Librarian 2011 #IL2011

  1. The cyber tour sounds interesting (though I don’t actually know what a cyber tour entails!). I’m presenting at Internet Librarian International about internet productivity tools for librarians so would be interested in sharing resources if possible.


    1. Hi Jo – I’ll send you an email with more details and links to similar presentations I’ve done before. Also SUPER jealous of International Internet Librarian! I hope to attend that one some day!


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