Reflecting on Library Day in the Life #libday6

This was Round 6 of the Library Day in the Life Project, the very first round was in July of 2008. It started with a simple blog post suggesting a meme. I can see from my summary post on the first round that 30 people had signed up on the wiki. I remember I was able to read all those posts.

By the time Round 4 arrived in January of 2010 I realized we really needed a separate page for each round so readers could easily determine which posts were new and which were from previous rounds. Round 4 also marked the addition of an official twitter hashtag for tweets.

The Library Day in the Life Project has grown so large that I can no longer read all the posts (though I do try). We have just under 250 people signed up on the wiki for Round 6. There were over 800 people participating via Twitter.  It has grown to be an international project with participants from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, France, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan and Singapore. Participants are from academic, public, college, special, school libraries, professional organizations and library vendors.  There are participants from any position in a library you could imagine and probably some you hadn’t thought of. I am truly amazed!

The only change I’ll make for the next round is to  separate the location and title columns so I can easily do a tag cloud for title and location.

Someone suggested pulling together some of the best posts and tweets into a PDF. I’m considering it but its unlikely. I think that would be a great idea but incredibly time intensive and since it would include the work of others I don’t think I can charge for it.

I haven’t started reading the posts yet but you have to see this video from Ned Potter. I’m amazed at his editing skills.

Some visuals:

Cloud of the Twitter Usernames for the week.

Twitter usernames from the week of libday6

Cloud of the Tweets, I see a lot of meetings in there!
Libday6 - Cloud of tweets from the week

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