Top Ten Links 2.3 – All About Ebooks

Pandigital and Kindle 3My personally selected top ten from the links I shared on Twitter 1.16.2011 through 1.22.2011.  In no particular order

About Top Ten Links – I share a lot on Twitter over the course of a week. I know not everyone is on Twitter or on Twitter every moment, so last year I decided I would pull the top ten, the best of the best, the most important things I shared on Twitter and post them on the blog. Its a good review for me and hopefully helpful to you.

1. Reviewing the impact of #Kindle not supporting or supporting library books #ebooks via @msauers an interesting look at the possible cost impact of Amazon allowing library ebooks on the Kindle. I don’t agree with all the numbers and assumptions but it is interesting and thought provoking.

2. Like It, Keep It: eBooks Now Available for Purchase – From the New York Public Library

If you enjoy an eBook or audiobook and want to add it to your collection, you can purchase select titles using LibraryBin’s Buy It Now service, a new offering from NYPL and our eBook vendor, OverDrive. Just go to the LibraryBin website and choose your title. When you check out, you can select NYPL as the library you want to receive a portion of the proceeds from your purchase. With these funds, the Library will be able to add more eBooks and audiobooks to our collections.

Prices start at 89 cents and hot titles are 25% off:
Test-drive LibraryBin now

NYPL eBooks now work on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

3. Are people really ready for eBooks? My attempt to give away 100 of them – The Ubiquitous Librarian, Brian Matthews details what it took to give away 100 digital copies of the campus wide read.

4 . Getting started with #ebooks a beginners guide Nice graphic though as someone pointed out it is missing the Kindle for Mac app.

5. Lend Me Your E-book (Part 1) | Publishing Perspective and Lend Me Your E-books (Part 2) | Publishing Perspectives #ebook – great break down of ebook lending issues by distributor.

6Does eBook Piracy Help Sales? via @ALA_TechSource

Does piracy help sales? Magellan Media founder Brian O’Leary thinks it can. In an interview with, O’Leary discusses how piracy may have helped lift sales for O’Reilly Mediaand Thomas Nelson titles.

He said: “Data that we collected for the titles O’Reilly put out showed a net lift in sales for books that had been pirated. So, it actually spurred, not hurt, sales. But we were only looking at O’Reilly and Thomas Nelson. The results are not emblematic of publishing overall. It could be more conservative, it could be less conservative. We just don’t have enough data. I’ve tried to get other publishers to join in, but it really hasn’t been a successful mission. Even at a low- or no-cost offer, publishers seem reluctant to collect the data required to reveal the true impact of book piracy.”

7. How to Remove DRM from Your Kindle Ebooks – from Lifehacker. Though since my Kindle books work on my Kindle, Android phone, Laptop and Netbook I don’t way I would want to.

8. E-books Are Not Horseless Carriages – I completely agree with what say Andy Burkhardt says

We gravitate to what we know and what we’re used to. An e-book is not a book on electronic paper. It is a completely new medium that will have myriad unanticipated effects, both positive and negative. I’m guessing “electronic paper” and “e-ink” are both going to sound a lot like “horseless carriage” in 20 years. Also the way we consume, share, and interact with e-books is going to be different than paper books. We are inventing the future right now through our action and inaction. We should be mindful of the past, but not so wrapped up in it that we aren’t able to see the future.

9. Ebooks and Libraries: A Stream of Concerns (from Meredith Farkas) via @TheLiB – a long post from Meredith about ebook issues.

10.  “The e-book thing isn’t happening, it has happened.”via @LibraryStuff– I was in the audience at Mid Winter when Brewster Kahle said this. I didn’t agree with everything he said but I definitely think libraries are behind the curve on ebook issues

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