What is Library Day in the Life and You Should Participate #libday6

The Fabulous Librarian (and fashionista, seriously. she has awesome fashion sense) Daenel over at Living Outside the Stacks created this video explaining the project and why she’ll be participating next week. Check it out!

Not only is the video a great intro to the project Daenel has a lot of followers (both on her blog and on Twitter) who are not librarians, so the project is escaping the echo chamber (echolib). Awesome! Thank you Daenel!

3 thoughts on “What is Library Day in the Life and You Should Participate #libday6

  1. Bobbi, that’s exactly why I posted the video ~ to touch the parents who follow my blog and twitter stream. A lot of the people I interact with on a regular basis are homeschooling parents so I know they appreciate the value of libraries, so if we could just get them to speak out against library cuts we’d be even stronger. And people would recognize the importance of library services in academic and specialized settings as well.


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