The Best of the Best: The 20 Most Important, Thought Provoking, Helpful Posts I Wrote in 2010

Bingo Number 20That’s a pretty bold title if I do say so myself 🙂  I know there are 7 days left but with the holidays I feel ok publishing this list now.

I didn’t base these on stats or comments but rather what I feel was the most import. Sometimes I put my heart and soul into something and it gets so little attention I want to cry, and other times I spent 15 minutes cranking out something I’ve barely thought out and people go mad for it.  So I decided to hand select what I feel where the most significant posts.

Thoughtful and thought provoking (I hope)

1. Librarians Play a Vital Role in 21st Century Literacies

Many organizations are looking at the definition of literacy and expanding it to include the knowledge and skills it takes to be an active participant in today’s society. What baffles me as I read through reports and recommendations from so many organizations is the lack of mention of libraries and librarians

2. Employers You Don’t Have a Facebook Problem You Have an Employee Problem – My response to all the “how do we stop employees from wasting time online?” question

3. Defining Transliteracy – Any early attempt to clarify transliteracy, especially timely given the current discussions

4. Should Broadband Access be a Right? I Say Yes – and given the recent moves by the FCC this is still an important topic.

5. The Four Most Valuable Lessons I Learned in 2010 – these are deeply personal

6. How I Got Over My Issues and Learned to Love eBooks – I have a Kindle. I love it. I know it was the right choose for me.

7. Yes You Do Have The Time to Learn That New Fangled Internet, Just Put Down The Remote – I think the title says it all.

8. Want Innovation? Get Out of the Way

You know what I’m talking about, someone reads an article, attends a presentation, has a conversation over coffee and comes back to work and says – we’re going to be innovative! Maybe there are even a few committees put together. But then what? Nothing. The committees quit meeting and things go back to the way they were. Maybe one or two people are still trying, but no one is listening.

9. The Problem with Pseudonyms – yes I know there are some examples of anonymous posters doing good, but I think bad far out-weight them.

10. What’s at Stake With Facebook is Not Privacy or Publicity But Informed Consent and Choice – I think the title says it all, but go read it.

11. There Are No Magic Beans You Have To Do The Work – I got a lot of flack for this post but I still stand by it.

12. Thinking Outloud About The Echo Chamber – my post about the echo chamber that Ned Potter has worked hard to draw attention to this year.

13. Why Mobile Phone Are Not the Key to the Digital Divide They’re not. Really.

14. There is No Excuse for Bullies at Work (or Anywhere Else – Word. Read it for some good advice and links


15. 10 Ways Twitter Will Make You a Better Employee, Better at Your Job and Benefit Your Library

16. Be the Master of Your Domain, How to Conquer Your Feed Reader

17. Is She Crazy to Want to Work in Libraries? Advice for a Potential Librarian.

18. So You Want to be a Librarian? A Guide For Those Considering an MLS, Current Students & Job Seekers

19. Nine Questions to Ask Before You Accept That Speaking Gig

20. Library Day in the Life Round 4, January 2010 – with decision to do a Round 5 fast approaching I’ve been looking back at how successful the last round was. It’s so big I’m not sure it really is my decision anymore 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Best of the Best: The 20 Most Important, Thought Provoking, Helpful Posts I Wrote in 2010

  1. Bobbi, congratulations on a wonderful year of blogging. As a retired old timer who is also a library lifer, I count on the blogs of the new generations of librarians to keep me in your words “literate.” Yours is the blog I turn to first everyday. Your ability to discuss technological innovations in a non jargonistic way and your compassion for the folks on the wrong side of the digital divide is both eloquent and compassionate. Thanks for making this blog sparkle with life and insight. You singlehandedly make me feel good about the future of our profession.


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