Top Ten Links Week 44: Echo Chamber, Enthusiasm Gap, Broadband, Learning,Being Famous and More

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My personally select top ten from the links I shared on Twitter 10/29/2010 through 11/4/2010. The best of the best and/or the most important stuff I tweeted last week.

1. Great post! RT @ValentineLuLu: Blogged: The enthusiasm gap and transliteracy #intlib10 I met Jamie at Internet Librarian, I really wish we’d had more time to talk, I’m impressed with her work. Jamie has some good suggestions for bridging the enthusiasm gap  and I love her approach – focus on the people, the need, not the tools

When discussing and marketing tech training stop talking about the tools and start talking about the benefits. Don’t say “Learn to use Facebook” try “Tips and tools for keeping in touch with distant loved ones” and show them facebook, skype, IM, etc. Teach to the needs of our community members by letting tech play the role in was intended for: a tool”

2. The Social Physical Library: fostering connections & giving patrons a reason to come inside When Emily Lloyd isn’t drawing witty cartoon’s she’s writing thoughtful blog posts like this one. Seriously awesome idea, wish I had a prize to offer the first library that implements it,and shares how with the rest of us

One way libraries strive to build community is by offering programs–lectures, YouTube viewing nights, open mic poetry readings. Folks come together and hang out with their neighbors with similar interests (if only passively, while  listening to a lecture in the same room together). The thing with events, though, is that people have to a)hear about them, usually in advance b)remember to come to them (if they’re still in the mood), etc. They also c)usually require a significant amount of planning on the part of library staff, and perhaps even some money.

What if (in addition to these events) there were neat, social, community-building opportunities for patrons to engage in whenever they happened to step foot in the library? That didn’t require planning on the library’s part, or remembering on the patrons’ part? That were targeted to their own individual interests? That fostered connections between them and their neighbors? That made stopping by the library just to see what’s up in the building worthwhile, as opposed to only using the digital branch? That helped people to learn and to better use our resources and our spaces?

Here’s what I’m thinking: a living, updated-in-real-time site (somewhat like Twitter or Foursquare in the way it works–and it would need IM capabilities built-in), ideally displayed prominently on a large screen in the lobby/entrance, but workable even if it was just on the web via a link on the library’s home page (that automatically loads when you use the library computers, and that wireless users can choose to load).

3. Thoughtful piece looking at future and emergent technologies and their implications for learning and teaching

Rather than focus on technology alone, it is more useful to examine the possible social effects of technologies – the socio-technical trends.

4. great guide to understanding #broadband What is Broadband? A brief and informative breakdown of broadband and the benefits.

5. If you only read one blog post today make it this one RT @theREALwikiman: The Echo Chamber Live #echolib I have been following Ned’s thoughts on the Echo Chamber since he first began blogging and tweeting about it (#echolib) and I’ve really taken it to heart. I have made a concerted effort to connect with non-library related folk on Twitter and read blogs by people outside of libraryland. Lately I’ve noticed more and more librarians discussing the echo chamber and looking to get outside of their bubble.  You should also check out this post Escaping the Echo Chamber – presentation

6. HOW TO: Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn I think this is more for me than everyone else. I’m on Linkedin, my profile is complete, I have connections, heck I even have recommendations, but I still feel like I’m not using it to its full potential.

7. AWESOME! RT @theREALwikiman: Sweet LORD, I shouldn’t be as excited by this icon-finder site as I am via @PhilBradley I have to agree with Ned, the site is awesome and my excitement might be a little over the top. Really check it out.

8. Staff Development on a Budget My post over at ALA Learning, I share some great, FREE resources for staff development.

9. Writer, technologist, futurist (and father) Cory Doctorow shares his own concerns about child safety and the Internet – Doctorow shares how he incorporates a computer screen into time with his daughter, a must read.

10. read it. then read it again. even if you aren’t “famous” How to be “famous” (wink wink, nudge nudge) I came across this old post by Karen Schneider through the magic of Twitter and the Internet last week. There is some really good advice in there.  Everyone should read this, thanks to the Internet everyone will be famous to 15 people.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Links Week 44: Echo Chamber, Enthusiasm Gap, Broadband, Learning,Being Famous and More

  1. Thanks for the Echo Chamber links Bobbi! I’ve also noticed more people actually trying to escape the bubble, and succeeding in doing so. It’s fantastic. Of course the timing may just be coincidence, but it does seem to be since we started tweeting and blogging about it – so, thank you for your contributions, and for flagging the whole thing up to your readers on many occasions.


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