Why I Chose Kindle

After using my Netbook as an ereader I’ve discovered I need a dedicated device, I can be easily distracted and its hard to lay on your back and read from the Netbook. I’ve decided on the Kindle. Here is why.

Please note these are the things that are important to me, based on how I will use the device. You may have different priorities than me.

If I had one wish it would be that the Kindle would handle pdf files better and allow highlighting of them.  I read so many reports I’d really love to be able to read them on the device.

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17 thoughts on “Why I Chose Kindle

  1. My wonderful family bought me the first generation Kindle about 2 years ago for Christmas. I love the Kindle for all the reasons you mention, especially free promotional offers (AND…..the opportunity to download the classics available through the public domain. The vast majority of the books I have on my Kindle were free to me) and the ability to annotate reading passages. This was something that I was not willing to compromise.


  2. Great argument for the Kindle. Wish it handled PDFs better, though. That, ultimately, was why mine never gets charged anymore.


  3. Bobbi,
    The two new Kindle 3’s (Free 3G & WiFi: $189 and WiFi-only: $139) have new features and they include highlighting and notes on PDFs as well as the ability to modify the Contrast (to help w/problem of translating colors to lighter gray shades).

    I have a few articles (near the top of my blog) about the many new features, including some interesting additions not mentioned in the press release.


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