ALA Battledecks 2010 The Rumble Royale Videos #ala10

I have many blog posts percolating from ALA, pages of notes to decipher and I still need to regain my voice.

However in the meantime something to tide you over – Battledecks.

I have to give Janie Hermann mad props for my awesome bio:

Next up is Bobbi “Nuclear” Newman She is the “Librarian by Day” and you will need to ask yo mama what she is by night! Bobbi’s passions include admiring shoes, buying shoes, talking about shoes, photographing shoes and tweeting about shoes. She has recently found the joy of going commando when presenting – yes, she has been known to give a talk without the safetynet of slides. At this battle, though, she will need to contend with slides once again. As the reigning leader of the ALA Annual Shoewhores she is hoping that her excellent choice of footwear tonight will see her through to yet another win at battledecks and the right to wear the tiara.

It was a fierce competition between nine of us. Jason Griffey was crowned Queen King and I don’t remember the order of the others, though apparently I came in last. Jason was kind enough to let me and several others try on the tiara.

You can see my video and others below.

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