What Twitter Lists Say About You

Ever since Twitter implemented lists I try to check out mine regularly.  Mostly I’m looking for bad or amusing ones, but so far if anyone has me on a list titled “idiots” or “b!tches” its private.  🙂

As of writing this I am on 373 lists, of which probably 90 – 95% say something related to libraries (I didn’t actually do the math). This aren’t surprising to me. And that’s good. I am a librarian, I work in libraries. It’s the ones that fall outside of those that intrigue me. What do they say about me? My tweets? My online persona?

I started thinking about this thanks to a post my friend Dani wrote about how people define you pointing me to this post, where Naomi asks what Twitter lists do you WANT to be on?

What do the lists you create say about you? – clearly your priorities and interests, what else?

What do the lists you are on say about you? – I’m not sure about this one

What lists would you want to be on? – I wish I were on more transliteracy lists, but other than that I’m not too sure.

Just for fun a snap shot of some of the non-librarian related lists I’m on. Take a look at yours.

Some make me smile


Some make me proud



Some make me scratch my head


Some make me wonder that means


Some make me wonder if I’m worthy



Some I wonder what I did to get on it



Some I squirrel way to take out and look at on bad days



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  1. Wow; librarian extraordinaire! Pretty cool. But, yeah, what the heck is a metacog? I’m in one list called “library geeks”. I’m not sure if that’s cool.


  2. Looking at the lists is an interesting way of assessing how others view you. I tweet as CogSciLibrarian, and half the lists I’m on are cog sci / neuro sci, while the other half are libraries; I guess that’s accurate.

    Would be interesting to assess a library’s TwitterList presence as well.


  3. Woo hoo! You have some pretty nifty list categories but some of them are pretty arbitrary. I just think it’s interesting because it helps me to understand how people view me and how I want to shape my online persona.