What Do You Think Libraries Will Look Like in 2015?

There are so many opinions and options for the f libraries out there.

One idea from  Mal Booth, Sophie McDonald and Belinda Tiffen, breaks down the library of 2015 by 5 aspects: organizational culture, work conditions, service models, sustainability and people.

via Information Literacy meets Library 2.0

The thesis by Guy Adam Ailion, that this vidoeo is based on won the National Corobrik Architectural Thesis Award 2010, it is available for download.

This video from JISC in the UK questions whether or not there will be librarians in the future.

Libraries of the Future from Inside Higher Ed

The university library of the future will be sparsely staffed, highly decentralized, and have a physical plant consisting of little more than special collections and study areas.

The future of libraries, with or without books from CNN

Books are being pushed aside for digital learning centers and gaming areas. “Loud rooms” that promote public discourse and group projects are taking over the bookish quiet. Hipster staffers who blog, chat on Twitter and care little about the Dewey Decimal System are edging out old-school librarians

A to Z of Libraries of the Future

The Future of Libraries and Museums wiki

Libraries of the Future Debate in 2009 at Oxford

What does the library of the future look like to you?

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