Top Ten Links Week 18

My personally selected top 10 from the links I shared on Twitter from 4/30/2010 thru  5/6/2010

1.very interesting! Social Media Withdrawal: What Happens When Kids Give Up Their Connections – fascinating! Definitely worth reading.

Among the top findings

  1. Students use literal terms of addiction to characterize their dependence on media.
  2. Students hate going without media. In their world, going without media means going without their friends and family.
  3. Students show no significant loyalty to a news program, news personality or even news platform. Students have only a casual relationship to the originators of news, and in fact don’t make fine distinctions between news and more personal information. They get news in a disaggregated way, often via friends.
  4. 18- to 21-year-old college students are constantly texting and on Facebook—with calling and email distant seconds as ways of staying in touch, especially with friends.
  5. Students could live without their TVs and the newspaper, but they can’t survive without their iPods.

2. Gallery: 8 Tablets That Aren’t Made by Apple

3. Rethinking the professionalism of librarians; an MLS does not a professional librarian make via @level250geek from 10 Reasons Why “Professional Librarian is an Oxymoron”

  1. Librarians Have No Monopoly On The Activities They Claim
  2. There Are No Consequences For Failing To Adhere To Ethical Practices
  3. Librarianship Is Too Generalized To Claim Any Expertise
  4. ’Librarian’ Assumes A Place Of Work, Rather Than The Work Itself
  5. Peer Review In Librarianship Does Not Work Because There Is No Competitive Process To Go With It
  6. Values Are Not Enough
  7. The Primary Motivation For Professionalization Is The Monopoly Of Labor
  8. Accredited Library Schools Do Not Adequately Prepare Students For Library Work
  9. Competing Professions Are Offering Different Paradigms To Achieve The Same Goals
  10. Nobody Can Name A ‘Great’ Librarian

4 . Net neutrality NYTimes: Web’s Users Against Its Gatekeepers

With the majority of Internet traffic expected to shift to congestion-prone mobile networks, there is growing debate on both sides of the Atlantic about whether operators of the networks should be allowed to treat Web users differently, based on the users’ consumption.

5. dana boyd on The Changing Nature of Privacy on Facebook via @joycevalenza

Facebook is saying, “Ah, the social norms have changed. We don’t have to pay attention to people’s privacy concerns, that’s just old fuddy-duddies.” Part of that is strategic. Law follows social norms.

6. Reading list on ebooks in libraries. Librarything via @ALA_TechSource

7. Take Pictures, Tell Stories Part 4: Fun with Photos at Library Events – Cindi’s series on taking better photos is a great guide to taking better photos in the library and everywhere else!

8. “Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution.– Clay Shirky via @jaclark – Does this apply to libraries?

9. Simple Tips for Getting Rid of a Bad Habits

  1. Tell your friends and family.
  2. Make it painful to not go through with it.
  3. Listen to those who have gone where you want to go.
  4. What will this lead to in 5 and 10 years?
  5. Avoid temptations.
  6. Replace it.
  7. Don’t remove more than one habit at a time.
  8. Don’t make a huge deal out of it.
  9. If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again.

10. The Most Influential Women in Technology | Fast Company – this probably deserves its own post.

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