I Wrote a Chapter for The Readers’ Advisory Handbook!

I’m excited to announce that The Readers’ Advisory Handbook is now out!

Over a year ago my friend, and awesome librarian, Kaite Mediatore Stover asked if I would be interested in writing a chapter for her readers’ advisory book.  She wanted me to address the online aspects of RA.  I’m more of a blogger than an article or book writer but Kaite convinced me it was worth it.

I am honored and humbled to be included with the contributors to this book.  Check it out!

Part I Getting to Know Your Materials
Chapter 1 How to Read a Book in Ten Minutes, Jessica E. Moyer
Chapter 2 Nonfiction Speed Dating, Sarah Statz Cords
Chapter 3 How to Listen to a Book in Thirty Minutes, Kaite Mediatore Stover
Chapter 4 How to Read a Graphic Novel in Five Minutes, Erin Downey Howerton
Chapter 5 Keeping Up: Genre Studies as Continuing Education, Lucy M. Lockley

Part II Reviewing and Evaluating Materials
Chapter 6 Reviews and Annotations for Fiction and Nonfiction, Lynne Welch
Chapter 7 Reviewing Audiobooks, Sue-Ellen Beauregard
Chapter 8 How to Review Graphic Novels and Manga, Jessica Zellers
Chapter 9 Reviewing and Evaluating Reference Materials, Jessica E. Moyer

Part III Marketing, Promoting, and Sharing Materials
Chapter 10 Passive Readers’ Advisory: Bookmarks, Booklists, and Displays, Lissa Staley
Chapter 11 Creating Themed Booklists, Lynne Welch
Chapter 12 Read-Alikes, Lynne Welch
Chapter 13 Book Group Kits, Lissa Staley
Chapter 14 Taking Readers’ Advisory Online, Bobbi Newman

Part IV Programming
Chapter 15 Book Groups, Kay Sodowsky
Chapter 16 How to Host Author Events, Paul Smith
Chapter 17 Adult Storytime, David Wright

Part V Expanding Readers’ Advisory Services
Chapter 18 Readers’ Advisory by Proxy for Teens, Heather Booth
Chapter 19 Readers’ Advisory for Older Adults, Alicia Ahlvers
Chapter 20 Readers’ Advisory for Incarcerated Populations, Kate Pickett and CJ Sullivan
Chapter 21 Suggesting Adult Books to Teen Readers, Jessica E. Moyer
Chapter 22 Suggesting Teen Books to Adult Readers, Heather Booth

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