Empowering Library Users to Work with Digital Media

I have been in awe of the Digital Media Lab at Skokie Public Library since I first heard about it. The Skokie Public Library Media Lab is a space (a whole room!) where patrons can use an amazing array of software and hardware to create digital media. This is the kind of space and service all libraries should be offering patrons to support transliteracy.

Learn more about starting a digital media lap from Richard Kong

4 thoughts on “Empowering Library Users to Work with Digital Media

  1. Thanks for mentioning our lab! Since we opened, we've heard from several other libraries asking for advice on setting up their own labs. It'll be exciting to see what happens digital media and libraries in the near future!


    1. Richard you are most welcome! I really believe all libraries should offer a service like this. Its not just about making fun videos for YouTube but information sharing and new definitions of literacy.


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