11 thoughts on “Libraries and Facebook pages – Update!

  1. so how about those of us who already have library pages setup that were tied to our personal profiles? did/do these change automatically? or require us to do something?


  2. I’m am so happy to hear this from you, since you were the one who taught me to watch out for that set-up issue! We are about to set up a FB page for our library, and we’re so lucky on our timing, I guess.


  3. I just set up a page for our library and did have to put in my name and birthdate. Fine. But it did make me create some kind of personal profile along with it with in order for the page to be published. I wonder why that is, and if I somehow did it wrong. I did go the “create a page for an organization” route and chose library/building as the category.

    And when I’m logged in, my name is up in the right corner. But that isn’t visible when I access it from the outside, as other people will see it.

    Anyway, I know you’re not my personal fixer of these things! But I wondered if anyone else has run into this and thought perhaps it still is awfully tied to one individual.

    It is not linked to my personal Facebook page that already existed. And it is linked to our library’s Yahoo e-mail address.


    1. I dug through FB help pages today, and it appears that you still have to have a personal profile (or multiple ones) linked to fan pages. The info I read, at least, said they don’t stand alone, but that you can have multiple people with administrative powers for the page.

      So basically what I did was create a dummy profile for our staff to use, using my name but putting in no more details than were required. I also made that profile unsearchable and unfriendable. (What a word.)

      This was what happened when I set it up as library/public building. From what I read, you can instead create a business profile page. Is this perhaps the one that changed?


      1. If you leave the library can you step down as the Admin? That was the main problem, there is no way to remove the original creator of the page from it if they leave the organization. With groups you can promote other then remove yourself or someone can remove you. But with pages there was no way to do it.


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