Help your library be omnipresent without spending a dime

Embedded and widgetized library
– Dcpl – iphone app
– Chat widgets – question point
– igoogle gadgets

flickr badge creator – can do thru flickr

steal this code now please
– lets give it away – allow users to remis our source code for their own customized applications on any of their pages or sites

make it easy so patrons can just copy and paste code, doesn’t need to be hard

is putting code out there safe? Check with web & it folks to be sure

but people will start using our stuff –

creating a steal this code tool
– decide what kind of widget you want to offer – catalog, databases, combo catalog & databases, web-based or IM chat
– plan webpage layout of widget and code generator textarea
– provide a working example of the widget so people know exactly what they are getting

the magic of html forms – simple catalog search example

auariua library – steal this code page
university of Colorado Denver –
university of Minnesota dulutch UMD library

advertise service
prepared for success

reasons to give it away
platform independent
fun opportunities

Mobi – easy to use to create a mobile website – need to stay simple,

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