Sunday – Day in the Life of a Librarian, Rnd 2 Day 2

I took these notes today as part of The Day in the Life project, if you would like to read more please the wiki, if you’re interested in how it all got started read this post and this one.

  • 6:30 wake up, I don’t have to be at the library until noon today.  Make coffee, I got a Keurig a couple of months ago and I freaking love the thing.  I have the reusable filter so I can use my own coffee – no waste!  I hit the web, check my email and my top 50 on Friendfeed.  
  • 7:00 time to get down to business.  I’m writing a chapter for a book and I’m hoping to get it finished this week.  
  • 9:00 I check Blackboard for student posts and questions, today’s the last day for discussion posts for week 1.  
  • 10:00 Time to get ready for work.  It’s been snowing all morning so I”m going to leave early and try to get to the library by 11:30 because I’ll need to shovel and salt the sidewalks before we open.  
  • 11:30 Arrive at the library, walk through and unlock the building so the rest of the staff can get started when they get there without waiting for me to come back in from shoveling.  Grab the shovel and a bucket of salt from the basement and head upstairs.  While I’m shoveling several people come by who think we open at noon instead 1.  I’m baffled by the people who go up to the door and when it doesn’t open, try to peer inside.  What are they looking for?  If I’m close by I tell them we open at 1.  
  • 12:20 Back inside – put the newspapers, make sure everything is ready for the day to get started.  
  • 1:00 pm the doors open and it begins what is by far the busiest Sunday I have worked the Reference Desk, and most likely the busiest day.  The phone rings continually, there is a line at the reference desk and when I have a minute I have to check the voicemails left on the phone while I was helping other and return phone calls.  
  • 4:00 I leave the desk because I want to check on the person in the computer center, its usually busier down there than up here, so I”m a little worried.  She could call up if she needed to, but just in case.  She says its been busy but not crazy.  I head back up stairs and see people waiting at the desk and jump right back in. 
  • 5:00 we’re closed. 
  • 5:10 we get the last patron to leave.  
  • 6:00 I’m home! I walk the dogs and play with them before eating dinner.  
  • 7:00 start preparing for Tuesdays lecture. 
  • 8:30 move time! I watched the  Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, I love the other Mummy movies ( I have them and The Scorpion King) but this one, eh, not so great.

2 thoughts on “Sunday – Day in the Life of a Librarian, Rnd 2 Day 2

  1. I love that you shoveled snow! At my first job as a computer programmer, we shoveled the parking lot, once. Then the boss looked around and saw how much he was paying programmers and PhD chemists to shovel snow. He hired a service.


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