The new MaintainIT cookbook is out – The Joy of Computing

MaintainIT cookbooks are a great (free) resource!  “Planning for Success, a guide for the overworked librarian” one covers:

  • Planning and Decision Making covers the ins and outs of creating a technology plan that ties to your strategic priorities and goals.
  • Communication and Partnerships delves in the fundamentals of day-to-day technology communication from a “techie” and “non-techie” perspective. It also includes some important guidelines for working and collaborating with key stakeholders.
  • Buying and Deploying Technology goes through some of the core actions and decisions you need to consider when planning deployments, installations, and upgrades.
  • Maintaining and Sustaining Technology offers important insight into the daily management of public computers.
  • Networking and Security covers some of the basic standards and practices for ensuring your library’s network security.
  • Innovation highlights the true value of today’s libraries and the role in serving as the center of new community conversations via a much higher level of user interactivity and experiences. If you are ready for Web 2.0, this is a good place to start.

You can find the new Cookbook here:

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