Workshop Wrap Up

On Friday I finished the last day of the four day Becoming 2.0 workshop.  I’m not used to spending that much time talking to people, some days I don’t talk to anyone.  So at the end I was pretty tired, but that’s passed and now I’m just excited.  There were 17 “students” and everyone of them has at least one thing they were planning to start when they got back to their library and each one was different.  The great part of Web2.0 (or the Social Web) is that you can take what works for you and your patrons, and they are doing just that.  As part of the class we had them create blogs and I really hope they keep blogging so we can follow what they are doing. 

I have to say that this was a great group of people they were all willing to share tips and tricks and suggestions with us and each other.  So thank you to all of them.  I’d also like to say thank you to MOREnet who never fails to to be a wonderful host! They really go out of their way to make everything run smoothly!

 web 2.0 class

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